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Vol 6 (2013) 'And' or 'or': General use coordination in ASL Abstract   PDF
Kathryn Davidson
Vol 9 (2016) At least and ignorance: A reply to Coppock & Brochhagen 2013 Abstract   PDF
Bernhard Schwarz
Vol 10 (2017) Must φ is felicitous only if φ is not known Abstract   PDF
Daniel Goodhue
Vol 8 (2015) A "de-Fregean" semantics (and neo-Gricean pragmatics) for modified and unmodified numerals Abstract   PDF
Christopher Kennedy
Vol 7 (2014) A discourse model for überhaupt Abstract   PDF
Tania Rojas-Esponda
Vol 11 (2018) A formal semantics for situated conversation Abstract   PDF
Julie Hunter, Nicholas Asher, Alex Lascarides
Vol 6 (2013) A note on presupposition accommodation Abstract   PDF
Roni Katzir, Raj Singh
Vol 10 (2017) A note on (Strawson) entailment Abstract   PDF
Yael Sharvit
Vol 9 (2016) A note on the architecture of presupposition Abstract   PDF
Matthew Mandelkern
Vol 9 (2016) A novel problem for the likelihood-based semantics of even Abstract   PDF
Yael Greenberg
Vol 9 (2016) A problem for Predicativism not solved by Predicativism Abstract   PDF
Anders J. Schoubye
Vol 9 (2016) A puzzle for theories of redundancy: Exhaustification, incrementality, and the notion of local context Abstract   PDF
Clemens Mayr, Jacopo Romoli
Vol 10 (2017) A unified non monstrous semantics for third person pronouns Abstract   PDF
Fabio Del Prete, Sandro Zucchi
Vol 8 (2015) Actuality and fake tense in conditionals Abstract   PDF
John Mackay
Vol 10 (2017) Analyzing imperfective games Abstract   PDF
Igor Yanovich
Vol 9 (2016) Anankastic conditionals are just conditionals Abstract   PDF
Cleo Condoravdi, Sven Lauer
Vol 4 (2011) Another argument for embedded scalar implicatures based on oddness in downward entailing environments Abstract   PDF
Giorgio Magri
Vol 2 (2009) Bishop Sentences and Donkey Cataphora: A Response to Barker and Shan Abstract   PDF
Paul David Elbourne
Vol 7 (2014) Bound 'de re' pronouns and the LFs of attitude reports Abstract   PDF
Simon Charlow, Yael Sharvit
Vol 7 (2014) Cancelling the Maxim of Quantity: Another challenge for a Gricean theory of Scalar Implicatures Abstract   PDF
Danny Fox
Vol 8 (2015) Chimerical conditionals Abstract   PDF
Itamar Francez
Vol 9 (2016) Comparing exhaustivity operators Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Spector
Vol 9 (2016) Comparing theories of quantifiers in than clauses: Lessons from downward-entailing differentials Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Fleisher
Vol 11 (2018) Complex sentential operators refute unrestricted Simplification of Disjunctive Antecedents Abstract   PDF
Daniel Lassiter
Vol 10 (2017) Conflict, cheap talk, and Jespersen’s cycle Abstract   PDF
Christopher Ahern, Robin Clark
Vol 3 (2010) Conjunctive interpretations of disjunctions Abstract   PDF
Robert van Rooij
Vol 9 (2016) Consistency preservation in Quantity implicature: The case of at least Abstract   PDF
Bernhard Schwarz
Vol 7 (2014) Contrast and the structure of discourse Abstract   PDF
Maziar Toosarvandani
Vol 5 (2012) Contrastive topics decomposed Abstract   PDF
Michael Wagner
Vol 5 (2012) Counterfactual attitudes and multi-centered worlds Abstract   PDF
Dilip Ninan
Vol 11 (2018) Counterfactual de se Abstract   PDF
Hazel Pearson
Vol 9 (2016) Covert distributivity in algebraic event semantics Abstract   PDF
Lucas Champollion
Vol 3 (2010) Cross-linguistic variation in modality systems: The role of mood Abstract   PDF
Lisa Matthewson
Vol 7 (2014) Dependent indefinites and their post-suppositions Abstract   PDF
Robert Henderson
Vol 10 (2017) Deriving the positive polarity behavior of plain disjunction Abstract   PDF
Andreea Cristina Nicolae
Vol 11 (2018) Disentangling two distinct notions of NEG raising Abstract   PDF
Chris Collins, Paul M Postal
Vol 7 (2014) Disfluencies as intra-utterance dialogue moves Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Ginzburg, Raquel Fernández, David Schlangen
Vol 1 (2008) Donkey anaphora is in-scope binding Abstract   PDF
Chris Barker, Chung-chieh Shan
Vol 8 (2015) Dual Content Semantics, privative adjectives, and dynamic compositionality Abstract   PDF
Guillermo Del Pinal
Vol 2 (2009) Embedded implicatures?!? Abstract   PDF
Bart Geurts, Nausicaa Pouscoulous
Vol 3 (2010) Embedded Implicatures and Experimental Constraints: A Reply to Geurts & Pouscoulous and Chemla Abstract   PDF
Uli Sauerland
Vol 3 (2010) Embedded implicatures observed: a comment on Geurts and Pouscoulous (2009) Abstract   PDF
Charles Clifton, Chad Dube
Vol 3 (2010) Embedded Implicatures? Remarks on the debate between globalist and localist theories Abstract   PDF
Michela Ippolito
Vol 6 (2013) Embedded scalars Abstract   PDF
Bart Geurts, Bob van Tiel
Vol 5 (2012) Embedding epistemic modals in English: A corpus-based study Abstract   PDF
Valentine Hacquard, Alexis Wellwood
Vol 7 (2014) Epistemic modals and context: Experimental data Abstract   PDF
Joshua Knobe, Seth Yalcin
Vol 6 (2013) Epistemics and attitudes Abstract   PDF
Pranav Anand, Valentine Hacquard
Vol 10 (2017) Events, discourse representations and temporal reference Abstract   PDF
Hans Kamp
Vol 4 (2011) Exhaustivity in questions with non-factives Abstract   PDF
Daniel Rothschild, Nathan Klinedinst
Vol 6 (2013) Experimenting with the king of France: Topics, verifiability and definite descriptions Abstract   PDF
Márta Abrusán, Kriszta Szendrői
Vol 4 (2011) Explaining presupposition projection with dynamic semantics Abstract   PDF
Daniel Rothschild
Vol 9 (2016) Focus fronting, unexpectedness, and evaluative implicatures Abstract   PDF
Valentina Bianchi, Giuliano Bocci, Silvio Cruschina
Vol 11 (2018) Free choice and distribution over disjunction: the case of free choice ability Abstract   PDF
Rick Nouwen
Vol 2 (2009) Free choice for all: a response to Emmanuel Chemla Abstract   PDF
Bart Geurts, Nausicaa Pouscoulous
Vol 3 (2010) Free choice permission as resource-sensitive reasoning Abstract   PDF
Chris Barker
Vol 7 (2014) Global positive polarity items and obligatory exhaustivity Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Spector
Vol 9 (2016) How similar is similar enough? Abstract   PDF
Michela Ippolito
Vol 3 (2010) Iffiness Abstract   PDF
Anthony S Gillies
Vol 8 (2015) Incremental quantification and the dynamics of pair-list phenomena Abstract   PDF
Dylan Bumford
Vol 5 (2012) Information Structure: Afterword Abstract   PDF
Craige Roberts
Vol 5 (2012) Information Structure: Towards an integrated formal theory of pragmatics Abstract   PDF
Craige Roberts
Vol 0 (2007) Instructions for S&P authors using LATEX 2ε Abstract   PDF
Kai von Fintel, Christopher Potts, Chung-chieh Shan
Vol 8 (2015) Investigating the distribution of some (but not all) implicatures using corpora and web-based methods Abstract   PDF
Judith Degen
Vol 6 (2013) It's that, and that's it! Exhaustivity and homogeneity presuppositions in clefts (and definites) Abstract   PDF
Daniel Büring, Manuel Kriz
Vol 10 (2017) Lessons from Sobel sequences Abstract   PDF
Malte Willer
Vol 2 (2009) Local Contexts Abstract   PDF
Philippe Schlenker
Vol 11 (2018) Might do better: Flexible relativism and the QUD Abstract   PDF
Bob Beddor, Andy Egan
Vol 7 (2014) Mixed quotation: The grammar of apparently transparent opacity Abstract   PDF
Emar Maier
Vol 9 (2016) Modality and embedded temporal operators Abstract   PDF
Peter Klecha
Vol 6 (2013) Modals with a taste of the deontic Abstract   PDF
Joshua Knobe, Zoltán Gendler Szabó
Vol 4 (2011) Modification in non-combining idioms Abstract   PDF
Scott McClure
Vol 8 (2015) Moral asymmetries and the semantics of many Abstract   PDF
Paul Egré, Florian Cova
Vol 8 (2015) Neg-raising and positive polarity: The view from modals Abstract   PDF
Vincent Homer
Vol 6 (2013) N-words and sentential negation: Evidence from polarity particles and VP ellipsis Abstract   PDF
Adrian Brasoveanu, Donka Farkas, Floris Roelofsen
Vol 8 (2015) On the semantics and pragmatics of epistemic vocabulary Abstract   PDF
Sarah Moss
Vol 4 (2011) Operators or restrictors? A reply to Gillies Abstract   PDF
Justin Khoo
Vol 10 (2017) Or what? Abstract   PDF
María Biezma, Kyle Rawlins
Vol 9 (2016) Overt distributivity in algebraic event semantics Abstract   PDF
Lucas Champollion
Vol 10 (2017) Parsing and presuppositions in the calculation of local contexts Abstract   PDF
Matt Mandelkern, Jacopo Romoli
Vol 9 (2016) Perspectives Abstract   PDF
Ash Asudeh, Gianluca Giorgolo
Vol 10 (2017) Pluractionality, iconicity, and scope in French Sign Language Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Kuhn, Valentina Aristodemo
Vol 9 (2016) Pragmatic reasoning through semantic inference Abstract   PDF
Leon Bergen, Roger Levy, Noah Goodman
Vol 5 (2012) Presuppositions, provisos, and probability Abstract   PDF
Daniel Lassiter
Vol 10 (2017) Probability and implicatures: A unified account of the scalar effects of disjunction under modals Abstract   PDF
Paolo Santorio, Jacopo Romoli
Vol 10 (2017) Puzzling response particles: An experimental study on the German answering system Abstract   PDF
Berry Claus, A. Marlijn Meijer, Sophie Repp, Manfred Krifka
Vol 10 (2017) Quantification over alternative intensions Abstract   PDF
Thomas Ede Zimmermann
Vol 3 (2010) Quantifiers in Than-Clauses Abstract   PDF
Sigrid Beck
Vol 4 (2011) Quantity implicatures, exhaustive interpretation, and rational conversation Abstract   PDF
Michael Franke
Vol 6 (2013) Raising and resolving issues with scalar modifiers Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Coppock, Thomas Brochhagen
Vol 11 (2018) Reconstructing the syntax of focus operators Abstract   PDF
Liz Smeets, Michael Wagner
Vol 0 (2007) Semantics and Pragmatics -- A New Journal Abstract   PDF
David Beaver, Kai von Fintel
Vol 9 (2016) Semantics and pragmatics of (not-)at-issueness in Yucatec Maya attitude reports Abstract   PDF
Scott AnderBois
Vol 8 (2015) Sentence-internal "same" and its quantificational licensors: A new window into the processing of inverse scope Abstract   PDF
Adrian Brasoveanu, Jakub Dotlačil
Vol 6 (2013) Strategic conversation Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Asher, Alex Lascarides
Vol 10 (2017) Super monsters I: Attitude and Action Role Shift in sign language Abstract   PDF
Philippe Schlenker
Vol 10 (2017) Super monsters II: Role Shift, iconicity and quotation in sign language Abstract   PDF
Philippe Schlenker
Vol 9 (2016) Supplemental update Abstract   PDF
Scott Martin
Vol 11 (2018) Symmetric predicates and the semantics of reciprocal alternations Abstract   PDF
Yoad Winter
Vol 4 (2011) Temporal anaphora across and inside sentences: The function of participles Abstract   PDF
Corien Bary, Dag Trygve Truslew Haug
Vol 11 (2018) That’s not quite it: An experimental investigation of (non‑)exhaustivity in clefts Abstract   PDF
Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss, Swantje Tönnis, Edgar Onea, Malte Zimmermann
Vol 11 (2018) The case of the missing ‘If’: Accessibility relations in Stalnaker’s theory of conditionals Abstract   PDF
Matthew Mandelkern
Vol 8 (2015) The Degree Semantics Parameter and cross-linguistic variation Abstract   PDF
M. Ryan Bochnak
Vol 9 (2016) The history of the use of ⟦.⟧-notation in natural language semantics Abstract   PDF
Brian Rabern
Vol 8 (2015) The ingredients of comparison: The semantics of the excessive construction in Japanese Abstract   PDF
Xiao Li
Vol 10 (2017) The lexical pragmatics of count-mass polysemy Abstract   PDF
Ingrid L. Falkum
Vol 10 (2017) The Limit Assumption Abstract   PDF
Stefan Kaufmann
Vol 5 (2012) The meaning of plural definites: A decision-theoretic approach Abstract   PDF
Sophia A. Malamud
Vol 10 (2017) The preposition at from a spatial language, cognition, and information systems perspective Abstract   PDF
Maria Vasardani, Lesley Fiona Stirling, Stephan Winter
Vol 8 (2015) The role of givenness, presupposition, and prosody in Czech word order: An experimental study Abstract   PDF
Radek Šimík, Marta Wierzba
Vol 10 (2017) The scope of nominal quantifiers in comparative clauses Abstract   PDF
Rick Nouwen, Jakub Dotlačil
Vol 8 (2015) The semantic and pragmatic underpinnings of grammaticalization paths: The progressive to imperfective shift Abstract   PDF
Ashwini Deo
Vol 3 (2010) The semantics and pragmatics of plurals Abstract   PDF
Henriëtte de Swart, Donka Farkas
Vol 3 (2010) Two kinds of modified numerals Abstract   PDF
Rick Nouwen
Vol 5 (2012) Two types of class B numeral modifiers: A reply to Nouwen 2010 Abstract   PDF
Bernhard Schwarz, Brian Buccola, Michael Hamilton
Vol 7 (2014) Typicality made familiar: A commentary on Geurts and van Tiel (2013) Abstract   PDF
Chris Cummins
Vol 2 (2009) Universal Implicatures and Free Choice Effects: Experimental Data Abstract   PDF
Emmanuel Chemla
Vol 3 (2010) Varieties of conventional implicature Abstract   PDF
Eric Scott McCready
Vol 7 (2014) Varieties of update Abstract   PDF
Sarah E Murray
Vol 9 (2016) What do you know about an alligator when you know the company it keeps? Abstract   PDF
Katrin Erk
Vol 4 (2011) Wh-islands in degree questions: A semantic approach Abstract   PDF
Márta Abrusán
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