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Vol 7 (2014) Disfluencies as intra-utterance dialogue moves Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Ginzburg, Raquel Fernández, David Schlangen
Vol 12 (2019) Distributive ignorance inferences with wonder and believe Abstract   PDF
Alexandre Cremers, Floris Roelofsen, Wataru Uegaki
Vol 14 (2021) Does intonation automatically strengthen scalar implicatures? Abstract   PDF
John Michael Tomlinson, Jr., Camilo R. Ronderos
Vol 1 (2008) Donkey anaphora is in-scope binding Abstract   PDF
Chris Barker, Chung-chieh Shan
Vol 12 (2019) Donkeys under discussion Abstract   PDF
Lucas Champollion, Dylan Bumford, Robert Henderson
Vol 8 (2015) Dual Content Semantics, privative adjectives, and dynamic compositionality Abstract   PDF
Guillermo Del Pinal
Vol 13 (2020) Eavesdropping: What is it good for? Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Phillips, Matthew Mandelkern
Vol 2 (2009) Embedded implicatures?!? Abstract   PDF
Bart Geurts, Nausicaa Pouscoulous
Vol 3 (2010) Embedded Implicatures and Experimental Constraints: A Reply to Geurts & Pouscoulous and Chemla Abstract   PDF
Uli Sauerland
Vol 3 (2010) Embedded implicatures observed: a comment on Geurts and Pouscoulous (2009) Abstract   PDF
Charles Clifton, Chad Dube
Vol 3 (2010) Embedded Implicatures? Remarks on the debate between globalist and localist theories Abstract   PDF
Michela Ippolito
Vol 6 (2013) Embedded scalars Abstract   PDF
Bart Geurts, Bob van Tiel
Vol 5 (2012) Embedding epistemic modals in English: A corpus-based study Abstract   PDF
Valentine Hacquard, Alexis Wellwood
Vol 7 (2014) Epistemic modals and context: Experimental data Abstract   PDF
Joshua Knobe, Seth Yalcin
Vol 6 (2013) Epistemics and attitudes Abstract   PDF
Pranav Anand, Valentine Hacquard
Vol 10 (2017) Events, discourse representations and temporal reference Abstract   PDF
Hans Kamp
Vol 13 (2020) Evidential meaning and (not-)at-issueness Abstract   PDF
Natasha Korotkova
Vol 4 (2011) Exhaustivity in questions with non-factives Abstract   PDF
Daniel Rothschild, Nathan Klinedinst
Vol 12 (2019) Experimental Studies on it-Clefts and Predicate Interpretation Abstract   PDF
Agata Renans, Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss
Vol 6 (2013) Experimenting with the king of France: Topics, verifiability and definite descriptions Abstract   PDF
Márta Abrusán, Kriszta Szendrői
Vol 14 (2021) Explaining gaps in the logical lexicon of natural languages: A decision-theoretic perspective on the square of Aristotle Abstract   PDF
Émile Enguehard, Benjamin Spector
Vol 4 (2011) Explaining presupposition projection with dynamic semantics Abstract   PDF
Daniel Rothschild
Vol 13 (2020) Expressions in Focus Abstract   PDF
Poppy Mankowitz
Vol 12 (2019) Filtering free choice Abstract   PDF
Jacopo Romoli, Paolo Santorio
Vol 14 (2021) Fine-grained semantics for attitude reports Abstract   PDF
Harvey Lederman
Vol 9 (2016) Focus fronting, unexpectedness, and evaluative implicatures Abstract   PDF
Valentina Bianchi, Giuliano Bocci, Silvio Cruschina
Vol 14 (2021) Formal properties of now revisited Abstract   PDF
Una Stojnić, Daniel Altshuler
Vol 11 (2018) Free choice and distribution over disjunction: the case of free choice ability Abstract   PDF
Rick Nouwen
Vol 12 (2019) Free choice and homogeneity Abstract   PDF
Simon Goldstein
Vol 2 (2009) Free choice for all: a response to Emmanuel Chemla Abstract   PDF
Bart Geurts, Nausicaa Pouscoulous
Vol 3 (2010) Free choice permission as resource-sensitive reasoning Abstract   PDF
Chris Barker
Vol 7 (2014) Global positive polarity items and obligatory exhaustivity Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Spector
Vol 9 (2016) How similar is similar enough? Abstract   PDF
Michela Ippolito
Vol 3 (2010) Iffiness Abstract   PDF
Anthony S Gillies
Vol 8 (2015) Incremental quantification and the dynamics of pair-list phenomena Abstract   PDF
Dylan Bumford
Vol 5 (2012) Information Structure: Afterword Abstract   PDF
Craige Roberts
Vol 5 (2012) Information Structure: Towards an integrated formal theory of pragmatics Abstract   PDF
Craige Roberts
Vol 0 (2007) Instructions for S&P authors using LATEX 2ε Abstract   PDF
Kai von Fintel, Christopher Potts, Chung-chieh Shan
Vol 13 (2020) Intervention in deontic reasoning Abstract   PDF
WooJin Chung
Vol 8 (2015) Investigating the distribution of some (but not all) implicatures using corpora and web-based methods Abstract   PDF
Judith Degen
Vol 6 (2013) It's that, and that's it! Exhaustivity and homogeneity presuppositions in clefts (and definites) Abstract   PDF
Daniel Büring, Manuel Kriz
Vol 12 (2019) Learnability and semantic universals Abstract   PDF
Shane Steinert-Threlkeld, Jakub Szymanik
Vol 10 (2017) Lessons from Sobel sequences Abstract   PDF
Malte Willer
Vol 2 (2009) Local Contexts Abstract   PDF
Philippe Schlenker
Vol 11 (2018) Might do better: Flexible relativism and the QUD Abstract   PDF
Bob Beddor, Andy Egan
Vol 7 (2014) Mixed quotation: The grammar of apparently transparent opacity Abstract   PDF
Emar Maier
Vol 12 (2019) Modal interpretation of tense in subjunctive conditionals Abstract   PDF
John Mackay
Vol 9 (2016) Modality and embedded temporal operators Abstract   PDF
Peter Klecha
Vol 6 (2013) Modals with a taste of the deontic Abstract   PDF
Joshua Knobe, Zoltán Gendler Szabó
Vol 4 (2011) Modification in non-combining idioms Abstract   PDF
Scott McClure
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