A note on (Strawson) entailment

Yael Sharvit


It is argued that the notion of classical entailment faces two problems, the second argument projection problem and the P-to-Q problem, which arise because classical entailment is not designed to handle partial functions. It is shown that while the second argument projection problem can be solved either by flattening the syntactic tree or with naïve multi-valued logics, the P-to-Q problem cannot. Both problems are solved by introducing a new notion of entailment that is defined in terms of Strawson entailment (in the sense of von Fintel 1999, 2001).

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entailment; Strawson entailment; upward/downward-entailingness; presupposition; presupposition projection; determiners

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3765/sp.10.1

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